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A network of AI and CyberSecurity

Part of the CSAI project, funded by the Flemish Government in Belgium, we bring together AI and CS experts, share information, expertise and best practices, give insights in new developments and ideas and bring out best practices.

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning is the computational process of automatically inferring and generalizing a learning model from sample data. Learning models use statistical functions or rules to describe the dependences among data and causalities and correlations between input and output.

Natural Language

Cognitive text analysis of documents related to CyberSecurity and data protection. NLP’s ultimate objective is to “read,” decipher, and understand language that’s valuable to the end-user. NLP supports the need for automation across framework crosswalking

Behavorial Analysis

Behavior analysis in security is a methodology for threat detection which prescribes a focus on understanding the behaviors of users and entities (servers, fileshares etc.) within your environment as well as the behaviors of your adversaries, their motivations and methods.

Analyst Support Bots

Conversational AI and Bots cost 91% less than humans, but are mainly intended to support the SOC analyst of incident responder.

Self Healing CS

The future of cybersecurity is closely woven with automation. Some even take it a step further and call it self-healing (networks, end points, ... ).

Adversarial AI

Artificial intelligence systems can be attacked. Adversaries can manipulate these systems in order to alter their behavior to serve a malicious end goal.
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