• Forrester reports on AI under attack

    In a report by Forrester from April 2018, Forrester analysts under supervision of Project Director Andia Tonner, Market Impact Senior Consultant describes the recognized use of AI-methods and tools by cybercriminals referred to as “the Emergence of Offensive AI” and indicate that other mechanisms will be needed to detect and mitigate these threats against CyberSecurity. […]

  • Forbes : 3 key AI applications for CyberSecurity

    In an article from September 24th, 2021, contributor Chuck Brooks describes 3 applications for AI in CyberSecurity: Network Vulnerability Surveillance and Threat Detection, Incident Diagnosis and Respons and Cyber Threat Intelligence Report. At CSAI we take a much broader perspective, but acknowledge the analysis.

  • Artificial Intelligence and CyberSecurity analysis by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)